Monday, January 20, 2014


IF I want to be more productive- I get INSPIRED. IF I'm not feeling inspired by life or I am in a slump I...

Get out into nature (alone usually) and ground myself.

Breathe deeply and re-harmonize to natures vibration!

Take time for myself- away from computers, TV, cell phones and distractions.

I get quiet, be still and feel deeply into the essence of who I am and what it is that will elevate myself and bring me closer to my purpose and callings.

When I do a juice fast and take really good care of my body, my mind becomes so clear. I become very sensitive to all my different attractions and have more creative ideas and inspirations.

There are many ways to cleanse our beings from unnecessary vibrations, thoughts and distractions in order to sense more clearly where we want to go in this life.

We are ALL being called towards something. Ask yourself- What excites me the most??

We all have unique talents, gifts, and perspectives.

We all have a love and unique essence to share with this world

All that stops us from expressing our true essence is our false beliefs and programming.

In order to shift that programming we first have to DE-PROGRAM!

Wipe the slate clean! let go of all that is unnecessary and not serving you.

You can do this gradually. Get rid of stuff that is taking up time, space and energy. Let go of people and associations who don't support you or add to your life. Let go of patterns of thinking that lower your energy and trigger you emotionally. Stop re-inforcing bad habits that drain you.

Once we De-program we have then created space to UPGRADE and re-program.

And this is where the fun begins. Where there are limitless and infinite POSSIBILITIES.....

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