Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sophia's Declaration

I, Sophia Pardini, Declare to the universe and my infinite creative mind that every statement made here is truth and of my highest good. 

Today is a brand new day and I am helped guided and protected by my source, higher power, angels, guides, star family, and friends- all vibrating at unconditional love or higher.

I am a child of God and therefore completely connected and one with God.

I choose to live my life in total presence  -with awareness of my thought patterns, breath and energy. 

I choose to live my life in gratitude. I gratefully  receive love, shelter, food, friendship, laughter, and opportunity to create my vision.

I am grateful for the air that I breathe and the body which houses my spirit.

I always walk within complete faith and trust in God and in life's perfection.

I am massively courageous and  confident in my self everyday. 

I am the star and celebrity of my life and celebrate my beautiful goddess-self every chance that I get.

I serve as a loving example for women of all ages to learn how to love and appreciate themselves and their joyous lives. 

I choose to think
good feeling thoughts and speak powerful words to elevate my mood, my energy and to create the most desirable life situations.

My infinite creativity is blossoming and I allow it to flow through my being in every way possible.

I allow myself to laugh, smile and play everyday.

I am connected and in harmony with mother nature.

I am massively abundant and create prosperity in my life effortlessly- with joy and ease. God knows no thrift!

I choose to dress myself with care, and take care of my skin, hair and nails. I choose  to put my best self forward and celebrate my beauty.

I am blessed with loving, authentic connections and friendships that enrich my life with joy and learning. 

I follow my spontaneous energy as I know it to be my higher guidance leading me on my souls divine purpose.

I choose to take care of my body by feeding it living foods and taking whatever necessary steps to have the most radiant, healthy, energetic, fully functioning, strong and beautiful body possible.

I do yoga and lift weights and move in ways that ground me and create physical power in my temple. 

I take care of my body and increase longevity everyday. My cells are nourished and vibrating with love.

I am a loving being. I take time to give love and respect to others.

I honor, respect, care for and love on Dan so that he always knows he is supported and my appreciation and devotion is always surrounding him.

I am following my passions and i am creating the most exciting and epic life for myself always. 

I have the courage and trust that the universe supports my joy and highest excitements.

I always follow my passions in order to live in love and love my life and honor my self.

I am an infinite being of light.

I am a child of The most high God.

I honor and respect my self.

I am here to experience this life and create what I want. I am here for me. This is my life.

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  1. Beautiful declarations, Sophia!! You an an inspiration. May all your dreams, wishes and goals come true. I wrote a very loving blog post about you and Dan on my blog, RawVeganLiving. I did a mini series on the top raw vegans who inspired me along my journey, and I included you and Dan. You both have inspired me so much along my journey, THANK YOU!! Here's the link to the post: http://rawveganliving.blogspot.com/2013/07/5-out-of-6-raw-vegans-vegans-who.html
    I hope you and Dan read it; please show him the post. Thank you! :)

    I'm sending you both lots of Love! <3
    Miliany Bonet xoxox