Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tokens of Love

* I open my heart, I have so much love to share.
* I learn something new every day, I let go of something old every day.
* Thanks to my past I am what I am. I bless and I honor my past. But now I let it go in order to express my highest potential.
* I inspire others to become better and brighter.
* I am grateful for everything that has ever occurred to bring me to the present moment.
* I share the Divine with everyone who comes into my life.
* I let go of the belief that life is hard and I surrender to the loving flow of life.
* I stop feeling guilty when I disappoint the expectations of those who would like me to be different. I allow myself to be myself.
* I succeed in everything I do, because I believe in myself.
* I stop beating myself up for the mistakes I have made. I accept that the greatest lessons I have learned in life come from my mistakes.
* I allow myself to heal.
* I stop my stressful search for perfection, I am perfect just the way I am.
* I see myself as God sees me, I care for myself as God cares for me, I love myself as God loves me.
* I feed my relationships with love everyday.
* I raise the energies of the people around me: my presence radiates unconditional love and inner peace.
* Everyone I encounter in my life is my mirror and my master.
* Every time I fall, I have the faith and the strength to get up stronger than before.
* Love is my wisdom. Love is my strength. Love is the source of my power.
* I stop living in the prison of ego with feelings of guilt. I have the courage to be happy. I have the courage to be myself.
* I never give up, because I believe in my inner power. I always have the power to change my life, to solve my problems, to convert my shadow into Light.
* My old suffering is no longer a good excuse to be resentful about my life. My old suffering is now my strength and my power.
* Yesterday I was, tomorrow I will be, but only Here and Now I Am.
* I am honest even against my personal and material interests. I live with Integrity, I always do the right thing.
* I feel worthy of a wonderful life. I feel worthy of happiness. I feel worthy of love. I feel worthy of all my dreams.
* I am kind and sweet. I am patient and tolerant. I am compassionate and helpful. In my life, I express all the qualities of my Divine Self.
* My heart is an endless spring of bliss and joy. I go there to refresh, purify and make myself happy.
* I send love to all of the relationships in my life that need help and I let the power of love work on them.
* I release my belief that I always have to fight or struggle in order to achieve something in my life. I allow the natural abundance of everything in the Universe to freely flow into my life.
* I have an unshakable faith in the perfect and immediate solutions to all my problems.
* I accept my body and its defects. I accept my character and its weaknesses. I love myself as a perfect part of a perfect Whole.
* I let go of everyone who reminds me of my negative energies. I thank, I bless, and I let them go.
* I embrace and accept myself as I am right now.
* I am the only one in my family who can stop inherited patterns, through the freedom of my awareness.
* I send love and healing energy to all parts of myself that I want to change.
* My heart is a sacred temple of Love.


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  1. Had to shrink and print this valuable list. It now resides in my wallet..