Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's been a month....

I am okay with the natural cycles of creativity and sharing. I go through phases of massive integration and shifting and it feels like I am almost not allowed to give of myself at that time. It's like hibernation mode. I am in that and feel I may be emerging soon....

There have been so many amazing gifts that have recently come into my life!

The gift of new friendships and beautiful heart connections.

The gift of new spiritual practice and awareness which is simply presence, spontaneity and surrender.

A major letting go of old behaviors and expectations of myself.

New integrations of abundance consciousness.

Falling more in love with nature.

etc. In a nut shell it feels like I am finding my way home to myself and it feels really good. Ups and downs are inevitable but I don't get lost in the dramas too often.

I feel blessed right now. I am so grateful for the people in my life who are loving and supporting me. They see me, they see my struggles and gifts and they accept me for who I am. I am grateful for my own self acceptance which is increasing.

I am in Diamond Point, New York for the Woodstock Fruit Festival. Tonight was the opening night. I am finding right now that I do get a bit nervous in big crowds of people- It's something I am allowing to be there. I know a lot of people say this...but I am extremely sensitive to energy and I get a bit frazzled when many people are approaching us and saying hello. I want to give each person my complete awake attention when I talk with them but I sometimes find it hard and I am not quite sure why...Dan feels the same way...I guess it's just another opportunity to learn about ourselves :)

Anyways...this is what is happening now. Sending my love to all the people.

Photos from a recent hike...

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  1. I've experienced this same crowd phenomena myself. We're all creatures of commune but also hardwired to interact by the rational logic of our base frequency. I see that everyone is unique and a separate expression of energy/needs in a crowd. But beyond this sense perception of separateness, everything really is One experience. So if my interaction flows were fragmented it was often my OWN projection of controls/goals onto the space-time event. "We all really meet Self in each person." I think Maharshi said,
    Providing your presence with Dan to all was a high enough transmission.

    Om Shanti :)