Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Being in Love


I am trying to prepare the future man, who will respect the woman as equal to himself, who will give her oppurtunity for her growth as he takes oppurtunity for his own growth. 

And there will not be any kind of bondage. If two persons can live in love their whole life, nobody is going to disturb them. But there is no need of any marriage and there is no need of any diviorce. Love should be an absolute act of freedom.

But you have been told for thousands of years that, "If you really love then your love has to be permanent." I don't see that anything in life has the quality of being permanent. Love cannot be an exception. So don't excpect that love has to be permanent. It will make your love life more beautiful, because you know today you are together, tomorrow perhaps you will have to depart. 

Love comes like a fresh fragrant breeze into your home, fills it with freshness and fragrance, remains as long as exhistence allows it and then moves out. You should not try to close all your doors or the same fresh breeze will become absolutely stale.


  1. So so true. Thank you for this.

  2. Love is effortless...easy...full of light..and it feels good. I like the fresh fragrant breeze..................