Thursday, May 2, 2013

Just Ridin' the Wave :)

I believe physical healing of the body often directly corresponds with emotional, spiritual and mental release or forgiveness.

Why do we continue to choose heavy, fattening, processed foods and eat in a way we know isn't best for us? Maybe it is to push down sorrow, anger and fear?

Even if these stressors are very subtle energy fields, we still end up unconsciously reaching for something to avoid them- whether your vice is food, drugs, alcohol, porn, TV, that doesn't matter. Most people are addicted to something, and the reason why we continue this behavior time and time again is because it helps to relieve us and make reality more comfortable.

What we often forget is that it is "uncomfortable-ness" and facing challenge, facing reality, that helps us to grow the fastest. The addictions are only keeping us stuck in the same place in our lives.

For example, I have noticed that when I fast on raw juices, many emotions come up for releasing. I have to go straight into the pain and fear...look at it, be with it, and release it. When I release these burdens I become better, stronger, more care-free and at ease with myself. I transform much quicker into a better version of myself.

And bringing it back to the food trip- As you let go of the darkness that is buried inside, you slowly begin to resonate and gravitate towards fresh, high vibrational foods that are made and grown with love. This is why I love the healing power of living foods.

I can always feel when it is time to come back into a phase of cleansing. I love that I have the knowledge of living foods to move me forwards. And I also love that I have a healthy sense of balance to give my self some down time in between these quantum leaps. And healing kinda goes up and down like that in cycles. Just ridin' the wave :)


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