Friday, April 26, 2013

Love Comes First, Healthy Eating Choices Come Second

I get many messages through email, facebook and youtube from lovely people who are wanting to eat a living foods diet and maintain it. A lot of times they are having trouble with staying raw and tend to go back and forth,  especially if they are doing it on their own with no support from family or friends. This is part of a message I wrote in response to one of these people- I thought it might be able to help some other people out there. Keep in mind that even I don't eat a 100% raw food diet (still up there at around 95%),  But I do eat some cooked vegan foods on occasion. I still believe I may be able to assist some people considering we are all going through this journey together. 

HI ******! 
I just got this message now because FB sent it to the "Other" box. I am glad I found it. Listen, you can try doing an extended juice feast, it is a lot easier to stay raw when your body is cleaned out of most of the toxins. If that is too extreme for you just try to eat one healthy raw meal per day. Take baby steps if that is your style. The truth is,  success with diet is all about being aware of your personality type and working with it (in a loving way). For instance, being hard on myself doesn't work. I have to be gentle and loving to myself in order to stay raw- if I get stressed out I immediately want cooked foods. So, eliminating stress is huge also. You don't have to be 100% raw right away. Just going vegan/vegetarian is a HUGE step for most people in this world to be able to shift to. So, do your best. Learn what it means to love and nurture yourself and make THAT your priority- because you can be a raw vegan and still be a complete utter mess if you don't love yourself and cherish yourself. 
Love comes first, healthy eating choices come second. 
If you need any extra support and want to witness my journey with all of this, I do have a YT channel, I am not sure if you have seen it before- I am at 
It may or may not be able to assist you on your health path. 

Sending love!

As I wrote this and reflected on my past year eating raw foods, it became very clear that in moments of high stress, or feelings of sadness...these were the times that I was like FU** RAW FOODS! I WANT PIZZA! It can be so easy to slip into these patterns of negativity and of course you are going to want to turn to more comforting foods to ...well... comfort you! And you know what, that is okay! Make it your priority to love yourself first, and it isn't something we can all of a sudden switch on, REAL self-love is actually a rare thing in this world! BUt it is an important thing. In my opinion, the most important. And wanting to improve your health and detox your body probably means that you are on that path of loving yourself and wanting to have a better life- so we are all on the right track!
If you do find yourself in a place of stress and wanting to eat out of emotion, you may just want to take a break, go take a bath, read a book, take a walk. Eliminate the negative thought forms that are making you crave things that aren't necessarily the most nutritious for your body. BUt if you can't and you know you are going to have a bit of a binger and decide to eat an entire gluten free pizza - then do it with love and don't beat yourself up about it. Laugh at yourself, forgive yourself. This life isn't about being perfect. It's about being perfectly in love with yourself and life.

So, thats my story and I am sticking to it. I hope this helped somebody out there to be more loving and positive about this journey. Enjoy life, enjoy health! 


  1. Your a good girlfriend to have...

  2. Thank you for this! It was exactly what I needed today!

  3. In the end, if i have LOVE...then i have everything ;)

  4. Great message! Thanks for sharing what you've learned! mux love

  5. Sophia you look great! Where is Dan? I have really had him on my mind. I hope he is well.

  6. sophia you look sooo cute in this pic! :)

    greetz from slovenia :)

  7. Wonderful message! You said it perfectly! We do the best we can, and keep learning with love.