Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just a thought I had....

Sometimes I fall into this trap of feeling guilty for not being more "productive" during the day.  but then I realize that productivity is different for different people, it is a subjective term. Who's to say that me feeding myself, reading, sunning, cleaning, bathing, writing, cuddling with my cat, exercising...who's to say that isn't a productive day? It only seems un-productive when I look at it through the lenses that society (and my formed belief systems) have programmed me with. But when I shift into a higher energy field- one of love and forgiveness. and I view my day from an expansive and free outlook- the day was quite productive, healing, and connected. It's good to be free from the nagging constructs of the mind.

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  1. That day sounds lovely! I agree with you, I feel that way often. But those days are so good for our soul. I'm trying to unlearn those forced on beliefs, and getting to the point where I feel unproductive when I've had a day where I've only been to work! I'm starting to relish in sleeping as long and hard as possible every day and taking looong walks. I feel like my Spirit awakens when I'm the most "unproductive," and I love that feeling. xoxo!!