Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reading the Essence Behind a Message

Yes, it's good to value the intellect. But don't make it the holy grail...I think it will leave you hankering for much more from this life. Our culture has left many people completely disconnected from their hearts and inner voice because the mind has been made into a false idol. The mind is a very useful tool. It gets programmed by everything you experience whether that experience was of a negative or positive energy field. Whether what you took in was true or false- your mind gets programmed with it. The mind and intellect has been put on a pedestal by our culture. Along with sex, money, fame, power etc. And the "culture of cool" will continue to steer us in the wrong direction for as long as it can. 

Nowadays it seems much more important to be right, to be cool, to be successful and popular then it is to be loving, kind, compassionate, honorable, honest, abundant, giving and all these other values that TRULY make a person feel fulfilled. If you spend most of your energy chasing false idols, you will eventually become more and more disconnected from the true source of what you really are. Not everything in the text books are true...not everything on the internet is true. BUt if you have no internal guidance system, intuition, inner voice, or discernment for reading the essence of something- how will we make our way through this life?  

With all the decisions we have to make on a daily basis- that you can't google on your iphone for the answer. We have to be able to listen to our hearts.  Should I marry this guy? Should I take this job? Should I go to that party? Spend more time with this person? Every action creates a reaction. Every action is creating your life. Every day is precious. This journey is about bringing awareness into your life within every aspect- food, communication, health, love, relationships, how you experience your mental, physical and emotional reality on a moment to moment basis. Is it fun? Am I growing? Am I learning how to love more unconditionally? Because that is MY true purpose in this life and I am sure of it to the very core of my being- just to learn how to love unconditionally and experience as many moments of JOY in my life as I can. And every action I take and every thought I think is either supporting that purpose or it isn't. 

It's nice to come back to that realization every once in awhile, and it's nice to forget it sometimes, too! Just dancing with life and staying within my personal flow, staying balanced and sharing and giving and being vulnerable- that's life too. I don't know the answers to everything. I have moments where I wonder if I am making good choices, I have many moments of doubt and confusion. But then I have those moments where my heart says YES, my inner voice says YES, you are on the right track. I have had straight Braveheart battles between my heart and mind. Where I could see up the road that my life was going to take some big turns and I had just enough time to turn the car around and go the other way. Just enough time to go back down the road that most people would say was the "smarter" or "safer" road to go down. But my heart, my inner voice says otherwise and thats just that. 

Sometimes life gives us general plans. Plans for college, plans for retirement, visions of our perfect relationships based off what we knew from our parents and friends. BUt the famililar route has NEVER guaranteed anyone to be the fulfilling, abundant, joyful route. It's just the familiar route. And I'm not knocking plans either because that works and that creates desired outcomes for many people. That's a message I always try to promote- To listen to your body/heart/mind/emotions and practice discernment based off your own research and experience.

Well, I started off writing this post contemplating the mind. And how the intellect really only works on the level of the intellect. It doesn't work when it comes to decisions of the heart, decisions of love and essence. And those are things that make us human beings. Those are the things that separate us from machines. If we as a species continue to stay disconnected from our hearts, and our society and culture continues to breed humans who are disconnected from their hearts because they reside too much in the intellect, how do we expect to ever evolve and grow as a species?  Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a mad woman. And when I say listening I really mean reading….


  1. Just wanted to say Hi Sophia ! and that I'm really enjoying reading your posts. Will drop by again soon .
    Warm wishes,

  2. Hey Sophia~ We went to high school around the same time. We never really knew each other but I found your blog through your sisters instagram and I am just blown away. I have been on, well not really similar, but a journey as well through yoga and have come to similar conclusions. Reading your blog has really expanded my interest in holistic health and the yearning to simplify. You're speaking the truth girl and I love reading these posts. Thank you for spreading such wonderful knowledge and love.

    1. Amanda, thank you so much for reaching out! It's comments like these that light me up and encourage me to continue sharing my truth. Thank you for that.