Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Super Powerful *and Easy* Detox Beverage

 I wrote this blog post with those in mind who are new to raw food regeneration and juicing.

If you are feeling run down and you want to jumpstart your health, I always recommend juice cleansing. Cutting out coffee, then cutting out processed sugars and then meat, and then cheese and then white flour and then alcohol.....it seems like such a tedious process. Jump into a juice fast and you don't have to go through that slow and painful process! But I do know that people have different flows and they need to approach change the way they need to do it. Change has never been easy for me. And that's why I so appreciate juice cleansing- you get through the first 2-3 days of hunger pains and then it gets way easier. Your body loves having all that extra energy to go towards cellular repair!! You may not realize how much energy is spent when it comes to breaking down your food. Especially if its meat or heavy cooked foods- devoid of enzymes.

I love juicing for several days at a time because your body finally gets a chance to clean out the pipes! The first time I did a juice fast I was super surprised at how long I was still pooping after several days on juice (Sorry for the potty talk). It really made me realize how long cooked, dead foods- especially animal products-  stay trapped in the colon. Yes, your colon is long, twisty and complicated. And if you eat meat, that protein often gets trapped in corners and pockets of the colon and end up putrefying there. This is often the cause of halitosis and bad body odor. When I eat raw foods I don't have to wear deodorant. When I used to eat anything and everything I needed to wear deodorant.

It's not a bad thing to do a whole day of juice once a week. Especially if you are eating a lot of cooked foods. If you research fasting clinics you will begin to understand the tremendous healing abilities our bodies have on their own. NO medicine, just time and rest and your body will heal itself!

I want to share with you my favorite detox drinking for this season. All it takes is lemons, oranges, raw honey and cayenne. No need to break out the juicer for this one if you don't want to take all that time to clean afterwards. I use a citrus press for this one, which I find so much easier. All I do is grab a big glass, squeeze 2-4 small lemons, add raw orange juice-whether fresh squeezed or from the store its up to you but make sure to get unpasteurized! Then I put the kettle on the stove and boil some water. I grab a big spoonful of raw honey, pour hot water over the honey into the glass to melt it nice and good into the drink. It's almost like a citrus tea but actually sweeter and  a lot juicier! I then add cayenne in as well.

The reason why this detox drink is so powerful is because of the lemons and cayenne. As you probably know the master cleanse is all about lemons and cayenne as well. Lemons are incredibly cleansing because they are so astringent and even though you think acid when you think lemon, they are actually alkaline to the body. The oranges and honey are for taste and energy, that way you can drink this beverage all day while cleansing and still have energy and brain power to get your stuff done. Cayenne is similar to the lemons in that it assists in breaking down old metabolic waste and also stimulates digestion. Not to mention it tastes good.

I like this drink for long term cleansing because of how quick and easy it is, therefore you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen juicing in order to make enough for a full day of cleansing.
This recipe can be pretty affordable if you have neighbors with lemon or orange trees, which most likely you do and they may not be harvesting their fruit.

Enjoy friends!

Friday, January 4, 2013

For 2013

2013 is the year for...


Health and Detoxification




Feeling free


Travel and Adventure



Service towards others

Feeling good

Being Useful, Creative and Constructive