Monday, October 15, 2012

Return to Nature

I have been absolutely inspired to return to nature. I hadn't realized how disconnected I have been truly. Though I'm staying in this beautiful guest house on an incredible piece of property here in Georgia, with the wooded trails behinds us and also the rolling hills around us---I should feel completely immersed in nature. SHOULD.

But it isn't that simple. How often do I go on the computer each day? How often am I watching movies? Bouncing from one thing to the next to keep myself entertained? Lets be honest. Humans are so used to instant gratification, that is one reason why eating a super clean raw food diet can be so challenging at times. I am not making raw food recipes that are tantalizing and exciting. More often then not I am drinking a juice or eating a melon. Which is a challenge for the part of me that used to make food a part of my entertainment and creativity. I look forward to getting back to that after I have done some fasting and cleared out some more things physically and energetically.

The path that I am on isn't an easy one. It's SIMPLE. But it isn't easy. To constantly be challenging myself in a way where I am promoting spiritual growth. I am often evaluating my life and feeling out, sensing where things are out of balance. And that includes where I might be too militant with things or too strict.

I realized yesterday that part of the reason I have gone so extreme with clean healthy eating is not only because I am trying to keep my energy clear and elevated for these times of ascension--but it's also been a strong call from inside to return to all that is natural. My whole being has been starved for the sight, smell, touch and taste of wind, sky, grass, sunshine, trees, plants, dirt, river, ocean, lake, birds, moss, hills, dessert, rain, herbs (you get it). And not so much these things specifically but collectively. There is a world much bigger that wants to be tapped into and acknowledged. And it isn't inside these four walls.

This NATURAL world is living, breathing and speaking. It is flowing and ever changing. This is where I will be rebalanced, this is where I will heal. But just like I have had to truly stop and look at my old eating habits and patterns from the past, I also will have to stop and truly examine my dependency on all that isn't in harmony with nature.

Don't get me wrong- I'm not gonna disappear somewhere in Alaska. I am also realistic. I mean, I'm on the computer right now, inside. But it has been so nice to feel with my whole being and understand with my whole and present mind that I am not stagnant or stuck-I am evolving and re-newing myself in cycles. What I am learning now is that I am moving towards a return to nature. And it took me awhile to get here, but this is unimportant because it is a full realization, a complete lesson and I am better for it.

After spending most of the day yesterday outside in the grass, reflecting on these realizations. I picked up The Essene Gospel Of Peace and turned to a random page and read this:

"And so did the Sons of Men exile themselves from their home, and ever since they have huddled behind their stone walls, hearing not the sighing of the wind in the tall trees of the forests beyond their towns.
  I tell you truly the Book of Nature is a Holy Scroll, and if you would have the Sons of Men save themselves and find everlasting life, teach them how once again to read from the living pages of the Earthly Mother.
  For in everything that is life is the law written. It is written in the grass, in the trees, in rivers, mountains, birds of the sky and fishes of the sea: and most of all within the Son of Man.
  Only when he returns to the bosom of his Earthly Mother will he find everlasting life and the Stream of Life which leads to his Heavenly Father; only thus may the dark vision of the future come not to pass."


  1. Hey Sophia,
    If you want to connect with nature - you may find this website useful. And Michael Brown's work on the whole.
    It has facilitated a deeper connection with nature for me among other things.