Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FLOW by Frank Cook


Today my good friend Greg told me to check out Frank Cook on youtube. He isn't alive now but he has many videos sharing information on plants and wild edibles.

After browsing through some of his videos and learning a little about nettles and The Pine family, I stumbled on this clip.

It struck me as rather synchronistic considering I have been pondering this concept of "flow" for a few days now.

I recently spent some time with a wonderful and powerful healer who told me not to worry about certain things because "that wasn't part of my flow." She used the word flow a lot, and I asked her what do you mean by flow? She did her best to give me an explanation that kinda made sense but It can be hard to bring these abstract and somewhat metaphysical concepts down into a simple language.

I think the universe would like me to understand this idea, concept or notion of flow much deeper since I was guided to this video.

Although he is talking about flow in the context of plants. I absolutely feel I understand much better now what my friend Lori meant when she used the word. This flow is the energy field that is within and without all of us. But everything and everybody has their own ways of directing, expressing and experiencing this energy- and that is when it becomes our personal flow.

About Frank Cook: 

Frank Cook was an herbalist, teacher, botanical explorer, activist and pollinator who turned people on to the abundance nature provides and the ability to self-actualize.
He considered himself a citizen of the world. We considered him to be an herbal extraordinaire, green wizard, botanical genius and Gaia-loving prophet of emerging planetary medicine and transition cultures. He touched a large number of people and instilled in them a deep love of the natural world as well as an empowered sense of self.
He was a phenomenal teacher. After hearing Frank share his way of seeing the world, many were inspired to connect with nature in some way – to eat something wild everyday, let your food be your medicine, practice simple living, show up on plant walks, make mead and wild ferments, or create your own herbal remedies for the family.
Frank taught us all the edible plants in our yard and woods. He showed us what plants were medicine and gave us medicine he had made from them. He awakened the herbal movement and graced our communities with old knowledge of traditional healers, reminding us to appreciate the whole plant and see plants as our allies. He encouraged us to think of local analogue plants to replace the endangered, over-harvested species of the world, and to walk the green path.
But Frank Cook did more than just enlighten us about plants. He expanded our minds and aroused higher consciousness: through his travel journals, his botany talks, his way of living by donation, and by taking us to our edges, and asking questions like, “What plants will be with us in this planetary culture rising?”, “How will you show up to help your community transition into these changing times?”, and “How can we best move forward?”
He firmly believed that we are in the midst of great changes on the planet and that it is our awareness and daily choices that will determine what quality of a future we have as people of one interconnected world. Frank spoke often of how we were quickly becoming one world. His central questions in this respect were: “What plants will be in our global gardens and stories?” “What will our global healing system look like?” “ What are the roles of the human species in the web of life?”
Frank was very much alive when he passed, full of visions, work and inspiration. He was known to say, “I am done with end users,” meaning that as we learned this knowledge and way of being he was teaching, it was now our responsibility to pass it on.

Here is another great video by Frank and the website associated with his work---and it looks like they are even making a documentary about him.

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