Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Love to Float!

The last several days I have been going to the beach here in South Carolina and playing in the ocean. Every time we float and swim in the ocean I feel completely cleansed and renewed afterwards in a really amazing way. Dan and I have been making a point to go as much as possible because of how good we feel afterwards---my whole body feels relaxed and energized simultaneously and my mind becomes incredibly peaceful and still. I guess it makes sense, surrendering yourself to the strong and powerful ocean. Dan says swimming in the ocean water is one of the most alkalizing things you can do for yourself---and we definitely FEEL it afterwards.

The only time I felt something more powerfully relaxing was after floating in a sensory deprivation tank or "float tanks." I recommend this healing modality to anyone and everyone. It is so relaxing and easy. I know the name "sensory deprivation" and "isolation tank" sounds somewhat intimidating, but I promise you it is so cool and not scary at all. I remember the first time I floated was in the middle of doing my first juice cleanse and my body released so much stress and tension in that water that I felt like I inhabited a whole new body when I stepped out.

I really like the way Joe Rogan describes his experiences with the float tanks in this video. There is some foul language (be warned) and he gets pretty deep ( I love it haha).

Lie he said, you have to get in the tank a few times before you really start to drop the mind. My first experiences really relaxed my body and released tension more than anything else. My being felt very calm afterwards as well.

Intense Relaxation
Relieve old injuries (especially back aches etc.)
Ease Arthritis
Release Endorphins – the body’s natural pain killer and happy pill.
Improve the condition of the skin.
Detoxify the system.
Useful in pregnancy (for the full 9 months).
Increase creativity and imagination.
Increase circulation and energy levels.
Balance the left and right brain.
Improve concentration.
An aid for addictions, phobias and depression.
Regulate sleeping patterns – simulates 4 hours of sleep.
Relieve stress.

If you want to float, check out this website and find the nearest floatation tank near you :)



  1. Jacob and I were just talking about how we love the way we feel after going into the ocean! We go in specifically for the benefits of relieving aches and pain and detoxing!

  2. Are you guys going to go on a isolation tank before you head out to Mexico?

  3. I love to float here on Oakland. I'm still a newbie, but it's fun to watch how your mind really attempts to distract you from your body nearly constantly! The dopamine response afterward is so worth it all. Thanks Ms. Sophia. Love love