Monday, September 10, 2012

Photos from Cherry Valley Vineyard Raw Food Class

We had a great time hosting this class at such a beautiful venue. Not only did we have a (healthy)feast but we got to go for a beautiful hike in the woods, and spend time getting to know friends that we won't soon forget :) Thank you so much for participating in the class, it was an amazing experience for me and I know this is the kind of stuff Dan lives for--especially when he gets to hear testimonials such as these...

A special thank you to Augastya, Pat, and Paul -who hosted us in their home, helped us set up the class and took these beautiful photos. Steve, Itsy and Ashley--for helping us during the class with prepping the space, the food and cleanup.  And last but not least- the Sorrenti's- for having us at their beautiful winery.

PS. If you click on the photos they get bigger :)


  1. Hey ya, you write wonderfully! I get the sense that you are similar to myself in that you express yourself easier when writing... I might be wrong, but I certainly prefer the time and space that writing affords, and you certainly blossom in these posts, and so I hope you continue. In Lak Ech, my friend.

    Min Da Trisk.

  2. thats very true. I like to write. I also hope to get better in front of the camera but for now this works for me. peace :)

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