Sunday, September 2, 2012

Looking back (From March 2, 2012) A note on Raw food and my journey

I have been inspired recently to take my life on a bit of a health crusade. I have had a few people ask about what I did specifically, so I decided to write this note. and it's really simple- just takes some will power and inspiration.
I was first inspired to do a juice cleanse about 6 months ago (I only drank fresh fruits and vegetable juices, from my Jack Lallane juicer for 6 days.) I was familiar with the benefits of eating raw foods because one of my ex bf's had transitioned into fruitarianism while we were dating. I also watched a documentary called "Fat, Sick and Near Death" and watched in awe as a morbidly obese truck driver completely turned his life around by living on juices for a few months and incorporating pretty mild exercise into his daily routine. He lost all the weight and reversed all his medical conditions. I said, if this guy can do a cleanse for a few months then I certainly can do this for a few days. I had been going through some mild depression and confusion about my life path and relationships and was feeling pretty stagnant overall so I thought something like this would give me a boost. And it really did. The first few days were rough- physically and emotionally, but after day two I got extremely mentally clear and had quite a bit of energy. By the end of the six days I had come to many profound realizations about myself and my priorities and was really inspired to change some things that were no longer serving my path. Looking back on the cleanse I would say I could have gone longer for a more complete detox but I was somewhat inexperienced and found myself not hungry or thirsty at all the last day or so and was confused so I started to eat some food again. I am learning now from professionals that my body was actually going through a phase during fasting called ketosis - where the body takes the stored fat in your body and uses it for energy. My stomach had shrunk from the juicing hence the lack of appetite.
Anyways, I promised myself after this first cleanse experience that this was something I should do every three months or so for a healthier body and life. Quite recently my ex bf and I decided we would be happier as friends and I moved to a new home in Oakland. I could feel it was time for me to get a fresh start and do another juice cleanse and planned on doin another seven days as soon as I got all settled in to my new home. I watched another movie on Netflix called "Forks over Knives" which correlated the relationship between animal products and cancer, and once again I was inspired to try something new. I ate vegan for about week- to try it out and also to prepare myself for another cleanse. I found this extremely satisfying. I felt good which made me that more excited to get healthy. During this time, I was walking down my street in Oakland with one of my new housemates one day, and I was telling her all about the benefits of juicing. In the middle of this conversation we passed a truck with a big logo on the side that said "Fruits, Vegetables and Love" and I thought hmmm, how strange. I peeked inside the truck and saw a man staring at me pretty intensely but I kept walking. Then I thought, this is too synchronistic- I should go introduce myself. I went up to the window and realized that I recognized this man from YouTube. It was Dan McDonald (AKA The Life Regenerator) who is a pretty popular man in the raw food and health scene. We became instant friends and he has been mentoring me on this leg of my health journey ever since. For the past few weeks the blender an juicer have been my best friends. Dan has been teaching me specific medicinal juices for cleansing and detoxing the body along with smoothie and raw food recipes for health and taste. I told him my goal was to eat a raw food diet until I smelled like an angel ( kind of a joke) but really the first thing I notice about many raw vegans is that they always smell so good, their skin is glowing an their energy is vibrant and clear. I don't know how long I will be eating this way but I am very in tune with my body right now and I am guessing I will know what to do and when to do it when the time comes. So far I have noticed that my skin has really changed, I am softer then ever. I have more energy then usual, I have lost weight, and I feel really in synch with life and connected to my body. Also more mental and spiritual clarity. It sounds cheesy but I think that Is what happens when you eat high vibrational foods. It takes more energy to break down heavy cooked foods and they lose many of their nutrients in the cooking process. Eat alive foods and you are given more life. Anyways, thats my little story on the raw food experience thus far. I am not a doctor or professional but I would be glad to answer any questions about what I am doing. I recommend checking out Dan's YT site for juicing and raw food recipes because he has so much good information and he is also a really good example of how you can turn your life around with the way you approach your health.


  1. Hi Sophia, that gives me some inspiration as I love to juice but am having trouble transitioning to raw.
    I felt very energetic for the few days I did try it but I need to build up a routine. I am going to give the juice fast a go for a week. Have you any recommendations on how much I should drink and how often for the week. and is there any issues with mixing fruits and vegetables? ps love Dan's vids hi Dan.

    thank you love & peace


    1. HI :) Thanks for reading! Go for the juice cleanse!! Its always a challenge the first few days but gets easier after the 2nd or 3rd day (in my experience). Drink as much juice as you want. Make sure you do it on a week where you have the time and space to relax, be alone, nurture yourself. Emotions and challenges often come up and you want to embrace the detoxification process on every level- not just physical but mental and emotional as well. I often mix fruits with veggies in my green juices. Sometimes I like to do a savory juice in the evening with tomatoes, garlic, spinach, kale, celery and cucumber (somewhat like a v-8) so I get the sense that I am having a savory dinner and I usually do sweet fruit juices or green juices in the morning or during the day. If you have a freak out during the first few days give yourself a little break and make yourself a banana smoothie but keep it to a minimum. Keep yourself on liquids as much as possible because you will get the best results as far as detoxification goes. Your body will thank you!!!