Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Note from August 10th "ON THE ROAD"

 I love this van. Dan and I went to visit his folks in Washington yesterday, they live on a beautiful and completely isolated farm with a huge forest in the back and a beautiful private river. We took Dan's four goats on a walk through the forest- it was the funniest thing- they would munch on everything in site. Then we went for a sunset bike ride and ate some wild huckleberrys, rasberries and cascara berries.  We slept in Dan's trailer that he used to live in- it's full of all kinds of books on health and spirituality. I could tell this was his sanctuary, a place where he transformed his life. It was so fascinating to be there- stacked with 100's of journals all filled with the same writings about raw foods, fasting and regeneration. Talk about driven! He told me stories bout how his life used to be when he lived here, completely free to tromp around in the forest, bathe in the river everyday and practice his meditation and health pursuits with all the pristine nature surrounding him. I never knew Washington was so beautiful and lush. Anyways- We are now getting into Seattle where we will spend the next few days with his daughters and have a Meet and Greet at a raw food restaurant called Chaco Canyon in the University District. The last few days we have ate nothing but melons and greens and I feel pretty great. Continuing to detox my body and I still have a ways to go. I would like to heal my vision but I have to get serious about doing the eye exercises and remembering to take my glasses off more often which can be hard. I am blessed to be out exploring with such a wonderful human being. I am going to cherish this time for sure. By Sunday we will be in Portland, I love visiting all these beautiful new cities!

Sending love to my Mom, Dad, Sister, Jav, and all my family and friends all over. I think about you all more then you will ever know. You are in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Peace

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