Monday, September 17, 2012

Use Your Mental Super Powers!

I am always working on myself. I don't know if "working" is the right word. I guess what I mean is- I am always observing the dominant patterns in my life and doing my best to be aware of them and how they either work for or against me.

I am using this time of traveling with Dan to learn as much as I can about myself and the direction I would like my life to go. I know I can't control all the little details-but I do have preferences and I choose to focus on them. Because no matter what I think I want to manifest in my life, I am always coming back to the realization that it all starts with the mind.

In the morning and at night I work at re-training myself with positive affirmations. If there is one thing I am aware of, it is that our thoughts have powerful dominion over our reality. I'm sure you agree that our thought processes can either bring us down or lift us up- depending on the perspectives we choose to view the circumstances of our lives.

So as I was saying, I have been playing an audio mp3 that I downloaded called "Self-Esteem Affirmations: Motivational Affirmations for Building Confidence and Self Worth," by Louise Hay. I play it at night when I go to sleep and in the morning while I am still waking up. You can find it here:

Or search for it on itunes. This one has some funny 70's music on it about half way through so I may also buy a more recent recording of affirmations done by her, I know she has a few great ones.

While I sleep I have positive thought forms constantly bombarding my subconscious mind. I have been doing this for 2 days now...I'll have to let you know how it goes :) In time, this will hopefully cancel out any false beliefs I have about myself and if it doesn't...well...then I am sure at least it didn't hurt the situation.

Our ability to choose positive perspectives on any given situation, in my opinion, steers the direction of our lives. Positive thinking creates positive feelings and experiences. That is because you are holding your being in a high vibrational energy field which attracts people, situations, and experiences that reside in that matching field of vibration.

What I remember most about the day that I met Dan, was the way that I felt all throughout that day before we crossed paths. I remember that morning, writing in my little black book in very big letters "LIVE WITHIN THE REALM OF LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES." And that whole day was magical for me because I continued to create and sustain a high energy field around myself. It was magical that when I bumped into him I was in the middle of talking about juice fasting, and had seen one of his videos only a few months before while doing my first juice cleanse. And then he appeared to assist me in the next one. I told the universe I wanted a partner in health and that is definitely what I got. (Maybe a little more health then I bargained for ;) wink wink.)

Next thing you know my life spiraled into a whole new reality, learning new things, going to new places and meeting so many wonderful people committed to rediscovering their health and well being.

To wrap up my ramblings...I believe moving yourself into these high energy fields by thinking positive thoughts--- or just keeping your mind open, aware and unattached to any expectations ---will greatly improve your life, especially if you are someone with a strong mind, (like me).

And this is what I am focusing on for the time being.

I will leave you with a little inspiration...


  1. Thanks Sophia!... Always nice to have a buddy to keep ya on track for those 30 days!.. I'll keep you in my heart, and maybe draw a smiley face on my finger to help me! lol he's so cute!... Boy do I need to work on my mind!... My analogy is to someone who drinks too much, and all the friends are telling the person, hey, you drink too much- you really need to slow down or stop before you hurt yourself.... and they're like "yeah yeah I know..." That's like me for my mind.. all these spiritual books and teachers saying to me to "look at" or "let go" of the mind.. and I'm like "yeah yeah.. I know..." FINALLY, I'm like, OK.. I have a problem.. hahaha.. Well, at least now I can start imbibing positive thoughts! I'll try for 30 days at least haha...... love your blog. peace to you sweet sister!

    1. I know right, everything always sounds good on paper but when it comes to actually creating new patterns, it can be very hard. I am doing all sorts of inner work, yet feel pretty much the same. I guess many destructive patterns have fallen away but you almost don't even notice their absence because you are just becoming more of your true self. I'm glad you like the blog, I appreciate the feedback :)