Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Note on Cultivating Love

Desire is fleeting.

Love, (the force that flows from our hearts) takes time to cultivate. First towards yourself, then to the other.
I have had it backwards for a long time. There have been times when I have come into perfect harmony with source/creation/universe/magic and I naturally emanate love. and it is a force. and it is our natural state of being I believe. But it takes patience and forgiveness to cultivate that love and actually become it.

I have had so many wonderful people come into my life to teach me about love. They are here to assist me and I am here to assist them.

BUT ULTIMATELY I have been looking in the wrong direction. Always looking outward instead of in. Although I am someone who does a ton of self-reflection, the intention behind the analyzing of self has been slightly off. It has been more of a judgemental process. Having patience and compassion for yourself sounds easier then it actually is.

 I like where I am now a lot better :)  I think I am coming to a place now where I am enjoying the process much more. The destination doesn't exhist, only the journey.

Thanks Friends

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