Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the universe winks

why am I doing this? what do I have to share? what do people really care bout what I have to say> I have no witness to my existence> There will be no proof that I ever lived<> the harps will not play when I cross over, its for no one else but me. Life is for no one else but me. I can choose love when I have an abundance of love to give, now I can barely support myself with enough. he can't sustain us. his essence will be on the wind. and I trail behind. reaching out, chasing him in the garden,  meeting in another realm> an empty field, a hill with a tree. quiet and simple and alone and secluded, an island of consciousness just for us. our silent star of aloneness and love. we will be the cosmic giggle the cosmic orgasm the cosmic sneeze the universe winks on all existence with our love. it could be everything, it could be nothing

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