Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the universe winks

why am I doing this? what do I have to share? what do people really care bout what I have to say> I have no witness to my existence> There will be no proof that I ever lived<> the harps will not play when I cross over, its for no one else but me. Life is for no one else but me. I can choose love when I have an abundance of love to give, now I can barely support myself with enough. he can't sustain us. his essence will be on the wind. and I trail behind. reaching out, chasing him in the garden,  meeting in another realm> an empty field, a hill with a tree. quiet and simple and alone and secluded, an island of consciousness just for us. our silent star of aloneness and love. we will be the cosmic giggle the cosmic orgasm the cosmic sneeze the universe winks on all existence with our love. it could be everything, it could be nothing

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Health and self-empowerment

If the body is the temple then I think it would be wise to not only know all the rooms inside--where is the alter, the meditation room, where do I light a candle---(know your body and understand how it operates!)...but also to give love and attention to your place of worship--keep the temple maintained and in harmony.
I am realizing that I have felt an increase in self love and empowerment when I began my self healing process. First, I gradually changed my diet (and it's still improving.) I also began to drink alot more purified water. I increased the awareness of my body and energy through simple exercises to feel the body and clear the mind (sometimes just jumping up and down in the sun with your eyes closed can really help.) Having more moments of silence throughout the day is very nice and healing. Then when I became sick even after making all these positive changes I read it as a sign that my body was really putting the pressure on me to purify more and increase my knowledge of my internal organs and digestive system. I have become very interested in natural healing--I do a cleanse every morning 30 minutes before breakfast consisting of 6 oz. purified water, 6 oz. organic apple juice, 1 tbs. of aloe vera juice, 1 tbs. of liquid chlorophyll, 1 tbs. of hydrated bentonite (like liquid clay, sucks out the toxins of the large intestine) and 1 tbs. of psyllium hulls. I shake up the mixture and down it within a 10 minute time frame. I am not sure if it is due to the cleanse or the new healing lifestyle I am adapting overall but I have noticed a sharp increase in clarity and good feelings. Colors are more vibrant, nature especially seems extremely beautiful and communicative and my relationships with people are becoming more clear and healthy. It has been extremely helpful for me to have a companion who is very conscientious  of how important it is to heal yourself first in order to heal your life and the immediate surroundings. It seems to be about love, energy, good food and water, intention, and breathing. Worship is nice too---which to me can also translate to gratefulness. THANK YOU GOD.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I am the vessel

i am the vessel that feels and smells and sees and tastes. I am the experiencer. I am choosing love based experience more and more. so simple. I feel my heart pump. I feel butterflies. I feel a deep warmness grow inside my center. I am just a child. My awareness understands that we are forever children. Innocent children with more experience and intelligence. Some choose to be tainted, choose to be guilty, choose to be bitter, choose to be broken. although we are holy. I choose to renew myself.

and to think we stopped believing in magic and miracles, when everyday you wake up with the opportunity to start again and be reborn. Everything around you, inside and outside of "you" is a miracle, is God, Is magic.